GM stops selling petrol cars and SAP presents an SAP Original Series

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 03/02/2021 12:59

February 2, SAP announced the launch of Blank Canvas, an SAP Original Series. This newly created three-part video series explores the impact of “The Passionates” – a growing group of consumers who actively support companies that reflect their personal values on environmental and social issues. 

“Driving this mindset is the Passionates, a growing set of consumers who believe in taking action to make the world a better place and they expect business leaders to do the same,” said Siddharth Taparia, senior vice president and head of Strategy, Brand, and Experience Marketing at SAP interviewed by Arik Hesseldahl. Read the story here

On this link, watch the SAP Original Series hosted by Baratunde Thurston, which explores “The Passionates” – a growing group of consumers who put principles at the forefront of buying decisions and are changing business, on this link here.

Watch a SAP Original Series 
hosted by Baratunde Thurston 


Car companies invest heavy in a growing innovation-heavy electric market - which today only accounts for a paltry 3 percent of the total global car market. No Car company wants to end up like Kodak. 

GM announces "No more cars with internal combustion engines after 2035. GM will make 40 per cent of its model range electric within four years and sets a target to be carbon-neutral within 20 years". Read the story here (in swedish). Read here (in english)

A driving force is the country Norway 
who will ban new petrol and diesel car sales by 2025.

A driving force is Norway (where electric cars made up 54 per cent of new car sales january 2021) – who will ban new petrol and diesel car sales by 2025. UK has set a date of  2030, California and Japan by 2035, and a host of EU countries also saying they will wind down sales


Maybe you would like to become a part of the SBN "The Passionates". 

Join our webinar on Climate - How your company creates a difference, see link

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