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Topics shared in the second article found below are Business Process Intelligence, Adoption, Globalisation, S/4HANA status, RISE status and integration status. 

In the first article holds the SUGEN Executive Exchange with CEO Christian Klein and CTO Jürgen Müller.  The article  on this link has been updated with SUGEN documents summary the content shared. 

From SBN, the President, Vice president, Daglig Leder and the CTO roles are joining the international collaboration. Our SBN President Kolbjørn Havnes, Hydro has joined many SUGEN meetings but new in this SUGEN meeting was Kjell Jensen, Arcus. Kjell was elected into the Vice president role at the SBN CLT meeting March 2021. We haven't had a chance to talk, but I look forward to next chat or meeting.

A short summary from the presentations in the Second Executive day

Above print screen from Business Process Intelligence, Rouven Morato and Gero Decker. Gero Decker, link LinkedIn Co-founder & CEO at Signavio. The acquisition of Signavio was completed in March. See SAP Signavio is according to SAP the leader in the enterprise business process intelligence and process management space. 

“With Signavio now an official part of our Business Process Intelligence unit, we can help companies quickly understand, improve, transform and manage their business processes at scale,” said Rouven Morato, general manager, Business Process Intelligence, SAP.

“SAP now is a leading player in this market and our customers will benefit from a cutting-edge end-to-end business process transformation suite.” according to Rouven Morato and Gero Decker. The Signavio solution will be integrated into SAP as example into Solution mananger and CALM.

Above print screen from presentation on topic SAP Enterprise Adoption, by Eva Zauke. Eva Zauke in top in the middle. A very good presentation which gave us a glimps of the efforts which are put into Adoption which by Eva Zauke was explained is the key to realizing business value and underpin the success of SAPs Customers with their SAP investments, implementations and life.

She said digital transformation, it’s about more than just implementing new technologies. Business outcome and value realization need to be at the center of a company’s digital journey. Adoption is key to realizing business value and SAP provides the key capabilities necessary to drive adoption and to empower SAP customers in their the digital transformation a success. Slides can be found on this link and a summary on this link. 

SAP Globalisation Services, Elvira Wallis. Eliva Wallis in the bottom row in second picture. She talked about Business Process Automation Fueled by Localization. The examples she gave like The Automated exchange of electronic documents, Streamlined tax processing with audit trail, Speed and accuracy with automated payroll and Automatic updates to payment processes  are indeed important for Business Process Automation. She shared status and amon many other things she said not even the new EU Sustainability reports are different by country.

SAP S/4HANA, Jan Gilg, shared SAP is making key functional investments into market differentiators. One of many examples was the Self-Auditing Finance functionality with continuous automated monitoring of all financial transactions as example.

The 6th release of SAP S/4HANA running on any Premise was reliesed October 2020. SAP S/4HANA Cloud has also several releases . 

Approximately 900 customers signed up to SAP S/4HANA in Q4/2020, taking total adoption in 2020 to approximately 16,000 customers, of which more than 8,700 are live. In Q4, approximately 40% of the additional SAP S/4HANA customers were net new.

One example of customers is Boehringer Ingelheim they went live with SAP S/4HANA in 41 Countries simultaneously. BT Group, A. P. Møller-Mærsk, Beijing Energy, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt, and Bertelsmann are also live.

A fast-growing number of companies of all sizes such as CureVac, Zespri, Oxford University Press, The Not Company, Nippon Cargo Airlines, BMW, Atos, and I-PEX have chosen SAP S/4HANA Cloud. 

Famous Brands like L’Oréal, Shell, Schwarz IT KG (Lidl), Co-op, Unilever, s.Oliver Group, Gilead Sciences, and Saudi Aramco are SAP S/4HANA customers. SUGEN summary document 

Above print screen from Brian Duffy sharing information on RISE with SAP.  Brian Duffy pointed at the fact change has always been part of business, but today’s environment is forcing us to deal with change – both good and bad – faster than ever before.

New technologies are changing how we live and work, and COVID-19, climate change and geopolitical tensions are exposing how fragile our world is. SAP has introduced RISE with SAP to the market, a clear and flexible pathway for every organization to move toward becoming an intelligent enterprise to help our customers to respond to these challenging times.

RISE with SAP will support customers to benefit from the simplicity of a business process redesign, technical migration service, an intelligent enterprise build including SAP Business Technology Platform, and hyperscaler capacity. We bundle these together on one SAP contract, thus reducing your vendor engagement relative to SLA, operations, and issue handling.

Adjacent to this offering are the world class services such as business advisory, implementation services, and applications management services our partners offer separately. We rely on our ecosystem to provide solution extensions, add-ons and packages which can be contracted directly by the customer.

Brian Duffy tells us he is dedicated to support a true transformation of business at speed and on terms of the customer, through RISE with SAP. Link to SUGEN summary document


Integration, Michael Ameling. Technology integration is the foundation for end-to-end business processes. Included is as example end-to-end process documentation on the SAP API Business Hub, a harmonized UX across SAP applications and devices, aligned domain models as documented in the SAP Domain Model Explorer, and one central SAP Task Center for a streamlined and simplified approval process across applications.

All developments are based on the SAP Business Technology Platform. The platform empowers integration, extension, and data-to-value from all SAP and third-party application and data assets, while ensuring long-term business success through agility, value-creation, and continual innovation. In the linked documents you will find links which give you more information. Slides of Michael Amelings presentation and link to SUGEN summary integration strategy document.


On this link you find the first article focusing sharing the information which should be of interest for our members.


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