One by one the Catalysts for change become real

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SBN Conference

One by one the Catalysts for change become real
See first draft agenda sneak peek summary of the 2023 program below


Future-proof business processes, powered by Intelligent/AI-enabling technologies is the 2023 Keynote topic. Hear SAP present their new innovations and hear SBN members discuss them and the journey to the future.


IT, RISE & Projects Track

With IT focus Equinor, NorgesGruppen, Komplett Group, Elkjøp, Orkla, Aker Solutions and other SAP customers will share their journey experience so far.

Sustainability, DataQuality with Orkla, Security with Elkjøp and Content Management with SF customer will be covered as a few examples 

Experience from the use of the tool Signavio will be shared by NorgesGruppen and Accenture among others. How the move to a clean core can be made will be shred by a customer.

Coop Denmark will share how they do their testing … and much more.


Finance & Analytics Track

In line with the overall theme for the User Conference this year "drivers and catalysts for change", we are planning and collecting presentations for the Finance-track like the following examples (the program is still a "work-in-progress" and not complete):

  • Roundtable Discussion on Process Improvement  - Norsk Hyro and Statkraft will share their challenges and opportunities in bringing about process improvements and alignment as well as global process governance in their organizations as an intro to a discussion of good or best practice to achieve process goals, harmonization/standardization as first steps to automating business processes. This is your chance to learn from others and share your thoughts on the topic. 
  • POC of a greenfield/bluefield approach in setting up Finance in SAP S/4HANA to really reap the benefits of the platform. An interesting demo of how you can showcase the major benefits in S4 by doing a greenfield approach as opposed to a brownfield approach with a special view on finance, including parallel ledgers, new asset accounting, Business Partner, Credit Management, Cash Management and, Fiori and embedded analytics etc.. and including currency. A SAP Customer will talk about experiences in this project.
  • Update on Sustainability Tower in SAP including the latest App's and functionality related to EU Taxonomy. A use case of the application of the Green Ledger
  • Planning using SAP Analytics Cloud in Statkraft
  • The move from Telepay to ISO 20022 Payment Format in 2024
  • Integrated reporting including disclosure management
  • Document Compliance and Reporting  or DCR in the world of Business-2-Government 
  • New functionality and technology in Finance that you may find useful on your journey to the intelligent and sustainable enterprise

Human Experience Management Track

In line with the overall theme for the User Conference this year "drivers and catalysts for change" , we are planning and collecting presentations for the HR-track like the following examples (the program is still a "work-in-progress" and not complete):

  • Strawberry, formerly Choice Hotels, has set itself the goal of being a pioneer in the Hospitality industry. Vice President SSC Finance, Elsebeth Rivertz, will tell you more about how Strawberry leverages modern technology, SuccessFactors and Sariba as an advantage in their growth strategy. 
  • Customer will share how they benefit from OpenText integrated into SAP SuccessFactors business processes.
  • Recruting and onboarding in SuccessFactors - what and how to make the most of the underlying functionality in SuccessFactors. This Meet The Expert Session with Marit Søderberg from Sariba will begin with a quick review of best practice related to these two modules, before we open up for a round of questions and answers from you in the audience.
  • The real benefits of SuccessFactors as a suite with integrated modules. Have you thought about why it is an advantage to have a common system for HR? And do you know what benefits you can get from bringing all HR-related processes together in a fully integrated system? 
  • Knowledge exchange on SuccessFactors initiated by DFØ 
  • AkerAnna - AkerBP's virtual assistant and the very succesful implementation and roll-out of this solution in AkerBP from one who has been very close to the solution from the beginning.
  • Talent Managemenet in the future today. Talent development and succession planning probably won't look the same in 5 years, or in 10 years, or next year for that matter? Because how are you going to make sure you have the right person in the right position in the future, when you don't know which positions to fill? Businesses are changing. Competence is changing. With AI and robotization, development is happening fast, and none of us know what the future looks like. Listen to Karoline Walen from Sariba tells you more about what talent management technology already exists today, while giving you a sneak peek into what you can expect from SAP in the future.
  • Analytics in the human capital practice as well as planning in SuccessFactors in collaboration with Datasphere will also be part of the conference program in HR.

Logistics Track

Aker Solutions will share their new Field Service Asset solution, Field Logistics - Remote Logistics for the Energy industry is a brand new solution developed by SAP a demo shown and the solution discussed. We will get to see the latest and greatest in the NextGen PLM solution presented by SAP as well as Visual Asset Lifecycle Management. We will get a new EWM solution presented and get a presentation on the latest in SCM based in customer experience. Orkla will share how they work with MasterData in PLM and open for an interactive Round Table Discussions.


Customer Experience & Retail Track

Get updated on SAP Retail roadmaps in several sessions. Hear from NorgesGrupppens experience embarking on their new S/4HANA project. Gyldendal, ARK and S5 will share their Experiences with BTP. Hear NorgesGruppen and Accenture share Assortment planning with BTP as well as Axfood on Assortment planning. And finally but not least… Komplett Group on the Future IT platform.


See the whole draft agenda on the conference website
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