57% are at the SBN Conference to learn more about SAP, look for solutions and answers

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 11/10/2021 13:31

The SBN Conference is interactive and virtual.

This year followed by a Business Networking and Face2Face for customer-members in Oslo on November 15.


The virtual Conference starts Tuesday the 19th October and runs for 6 days. Take the presentations you have time to see live and see the rest afterwards.

More than 230 have already registred for the virtual SBN Conference.

More than 50 speakers from

  • 17 customers +

  • 19 expert-companies

Join us and register for the SBN Conference NOW!

Make it a "happening", invite your collegues and sit together to discuss the content of the presentations.

It's live-virtual! Send your questions as they pop-up in the chat or talk to us and the speakers in the end of the session.

Share you thoughts in Mentimeter or in an open "feel-free-to-write-document" on web, talk to us in the meeting, call or send an e-mail. 


We love to talk to you!



Secure your dinner - There is lottery fo home delivery of a Peppes Pizza Premium Chicago every conference day. 


Secure you coffein - There is lottery for a "KaffeAvtalen" every conference day. The Coffee Agreement gives you unlimited number of optional hot drinks on over 300 YX - and YX 7-Eleven stations or you purchase your coffies one by one at 7-Eleven shops.


We look forward to discuss virtual ... and F2F the 15th November



Join us and register for the SBN Conference NOW!



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