Blogg om agendabygging - Energy 6. Mars 2023

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 02/01/2024 13:41

A Blog, sharing a glimps of the SBN community collaboration work creating the Energy Day agenda. The new stuff is on the top.

The Program committee and other contributors brainstorm for interesting topics for the agenda and quality assure ideas from others. Link Energy Day program

If you have ideas for a SBN member acitivity or would like to contribute, please just share with us.


Many many meetings later we actually meet at the EnergyDay.
See the program page with agenda for link to picures.

Next meeting 2024-01-03


Quality Assurance and Idea WorkShop - Dec. 20

Dag Sigurd Larsen Eckholdt, Magn Stian Kvie, Henning Landsnes Birkeland and Eva-Maria Fahrer did meet 2023-12-20

1) Walk through of program proposal which was confirmed to be interesting ⭐️

2) Additional ideas and comments

  • Workshop on Field Logistics between Users - To discuss our expereince of status. Could we maybe get Woodside i Australia who have implemented FieldLogistics to share? Vår Energi  have maybe FieldLogistics if so, maybe they can share?
  • Product owner Field Logistics to speak and share status? Field Logistics functions as a separate system. Asset Mananger, EWM and Transport Management is poor. Inventory check as example is a challenge. The App is simple and only the Field Logistics App can be used to generate Work-Orders into Field Logistics. Maybe a product owner can share road map and join the meeting to discuss these challenges? 
  • Lean Services  Would be intereresting with Status and Road Map from Product Owner. 
  • Interesting would be a presentation explaining how development of solutions in the Logistics area functions. A description of what is missing comparing ECC and S/4HANA would simplify and enable a quick start of search for another system.
  • An inspiring presentation on what is planned with Dashboards and AI within Logistics.


Lorentz Oberholtzer


Planning the Field Logistics topic

It was agreed to create a knowledge exchange workshop. Eva-Maria was also requested to contact the product owners for a (remote?) status session.

Meeting 13 December with Lorenz Oberholzer. Lorenz is SBN team lead for Field Logistics.


Proposal for Supply Chain presentation

Kristin van Bruggen, Magnus Lundsteen, Louise Leisemei Paustian and Eva-Maria Fahrer

Energy customer using a solution for invoice handling in the SupplyChain which can be used as Ad-on to ERP and S/4HANA will share experience. Meeting with xSuite Nordic ApS the 22 November. 

Proposal for Field worker app experience presentation.

Joakim Löves, Didrik Arstad, Sveinung Gerken, Stian Windsland and Eva-Maria Fahrer

Proposal to present experience of mobile solution used by Energy Customer for maintenance for Field workers. Presentation by S5 and customer. Idea presented in spring 2024 planning meeting November 1. 


Proposal for SAP presentations

Lars Fossum, Audun Grimstad and Eva-Maria Fahrer (meeting 13 Nov and 8 Dec)

Ideas for program to be confirmed by the Energy Day Program committee :

  • SAP Capital Project Engineering Management (CaPEM) ⭐️
  • SAP Shutdown Turnaround and Outages for Energy and Natural Resources Industries ⭐️
  • Condition-Based Maintenance in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2202 Maintenance Management ⭐️
  • Field Logistics ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Asset Mananger ⭐️

In addition we agreed to wake up the PLM team and create webinars for our PLM interested members during the spring. A Questionair will be sent out where SBN (Eva-Maria ) will list topics and ask for interest

Kick Off 2024 - Planning meting

Steinar HansenMeeting with Leader of the Energy Sector workshop,
Steinar Hansen November 24.

Program will focus agreed to be:

  • Everything related to the digital field worker
  • Asset Management related Mobility solutions
  • Mobility Solutions in general off course in combination with SAP data and functionality
  • Everything related to, best possible processes, intelligence and predictiveness
  • Intelligent Asset Solutions, like Asset Performance Management
  • Smart EHS solutions and Sustainability related topics
  • Status on SAPs Field Logistics - integrations like Transport Management 
  • Status S/4HANA implementations in the industry. 

Teaming up and Discussing
at the SBN Conference October 2023

2023-10-22 - Workshop @SBN Conference, lead by Bernt Bakken.
Proposed topic: PEPPOL/EHF for logistics.

2023-10-22 Lorenz and Bernt Discussing Field Logistics - a topic for Energy 2024


Survey ideas from Energy March 2023

Round Table discussion March 2023. List below survey ideas sent end of day.

  • The new Field Logistics - as example facts around Vendor-stock
  • In 2024 maybe Solution architects from Conoco and Equinor in seperate presentations.
  • Workorders on fiori - Svein Helge Høydal -sttkraft - presentera? Fått det att fungera?
  • Predictiv Asset insight .. spännande
  • Maintenance ett bra tema - mobile maintenance 3D o 2D bilder
  • APM (Asset Performance Management) og
  • SSAM (Service & Asset Manager) 


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