SBN Conference 2023 - Practical Speaker information


Nationaltheatret Konferansesenter. 
​Haakon VIIs g. 9, 0161 Oslo
Mark packages you send with "SBN Conference 17-18 October". 
Make sure to handle import customs duty fees if needed. The conference venue can not handle it.
Phone: +47 24 13 27 50​​

Date & time

October 16 - Exhibition setup between 17.00-20.30.
October 17 - Exhibition area is open from 07.00. Registration open from 08.00. Conference Program start 09.00. Program ends 16.30. Dinner start 16.30 - 22:00. 
October 18 - Exhibition area is open from 07.00. Conference program start 09.00. Program ends 16.00. The venue will be open until 18.00.

Conference registration

Step-by-Step how to register:

  • Please first log in to SBN. Your portrait image will be next to your name on the registration list if you register yourself and have logged in (if there is an image). You also need to login to get the correct price. Link to login
  • Go to the SBN Conference page: Link
  1. Choose Tuesday-Wednesday or Tuesdau or Wednesday registration. 
  2. Then choose with Dinner or without.
  3. Now, enter the speaker code.
  4. Press Activate.
  5. If with Dinner you will receive a price of NOK 2.000
  6. Pay by credit card or select "Invoice sent to your company by SBN-Adfahrer" and the amount will be invoiced. To select invoice you must have a purchase order number or at least a pre-acceptance from your company they will pay.

                      It sounds difficult but is pretty straight forward….


Presentation time-slot and room info

  • Time-slot See agenda on this link (scroll down) 
  • The Room is visible if you click Read More. Room location pls see the Area Map further down on this page. 
  • Names of the people in your audience - There will be a student scaning the nametags of the people joining your presentation. This list will be sent to you after the conference, if requested.
  • Recording - Almost all MainStage sessions will be recorded. No other sessions will be recorded.


Pre-meeting before 2 October 

  • We will get back and ask for a pre-meeting to see the draft presentation and give you feed back on your presentation. This pre-meeting has to be b efore 5 October if you speak on MainStage and can be during the week after if presentation is held in one of the tracks.

Presentation - 9 October 

  • Main Stage presentations have to be submitted in advance to be joint into one slide deck. This as the presentations in this room will be recorded.  


Test of equiment


Area map 


P1: Accenture
P2: Opentext

G1: Sariba
G2: Pearl Group
G3: NTT Data BS

S1: xSuite Nordic
S2: Onapsis Europe
S3: EPI-USE Labs
S5: LTIMindtree
S6: TJC Group
S7: Sopra Steria
S8: BlackLine
S9: Proceed Group
S10: smartShift Technologies
S11: Bouvet Norge
S12: Cognizant
S13: S5 Consulting
S14: Pager



Nametags, QR scanning & delagates

Good to know is, all delagates will have a nametag with a QR code. The QR code contains contact data. The data is a semicolon separated text string like this: Company name; Name; Email;.  QR Scanning app suggestion: We use a QR scanner app called "QR 2 CSV" on iOS. It's a free app and it saves scanned QR codes to a list that can be exported as a CSV file. The CSV can be imported to Excel. The app adds date & time of each scan. Link to the app on Apple's App Store.

This is what the nametags will look like if you would like to try it out:

You find a list of who have registered so far in the bottom on the conference website.


Additional useful info

Hotel: The Conference is located in the middle of Oslo city. Any hotel close to city center should work fine. We recommend you book your room(s) a month ahead to be sure that there are rooms are available. 

Print: If you need things printed. We suggest:
CopyCat Sentrum. 
Rådhusgata 17, 0158 Oslo. 
Tlf. 22 33 77 00


There are plenty of hotels close by. The SBN-Adfahrer team stays at Smart Hotel which has small rooms but a good breakfast. 

SBN Conference 2023 contact info: 

Joakim LövesJoakim Löves
Exhibition & sponsors
SBN - Adfahrer
+46 70 667 65 68


Eva-Maria FahrerEva-Maria Fahrer
Logistics | Innovation
SBN - Adfahrer
+46 70 569 78 08


Didrik ArstadDidrik Arstad
Finance & Analytics | HR
SBN - Adfahrer
+47 90562921


Sigurd Skyum

Sigurd Skyum
SBN - Adfahrer