SNI a SAP Certified Partner Worldwide

SNI Technology is a Computer Technology Corporation focused on Tax Compliance and Regulatory Reporting software such as e-invoice, e-ledger, e-delivery, SAF-T, SII and similar interfaces& technologies. 

SNI has been registered as SAP Global Application Development Partner and maintains a global operation, having its local representative offices in Turkey, Poland, Slovenia and partners in UK, Hungary and Spain.

SNI provides certified SAP add on solutions that reduce the risk and cost of maintaining compliance for the world's largest companies, over 400 clients from more than 30 countries.

SNI supports its clients in below countries for following products.  

  • Norway - SAF-T File
  • Turkey - E- invoicing, E- booking, E-archive and E-delivery note 
  • Italy - FAtturaPa- Mandatory E-invoicing  
  • Hungary - RTIR- E-invoice Reporting  
  • Spain - SII -E-invoice Reporting  
  • Canary Island - E-invoice Reporting  
  • United Kingdom - MTD- VAT Return File
  • Poland - JPK VAT- VAT Evidence
  • Luxembourg - SAF-T File 
  • France - FR-FEC- Accounting Records File 
  • Germany- EBS - Electronic Balance Sheet
  • Portugal - SAF-T File 
  • Lithuania - LT-ISAF 
  • Austria - SAF-T File   
  • Indonesia - E- invoicing
  • Upcoming – Greece, Romania, Germany, Serbia…etc

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Contact information

Ridvan Yigit

  SNI Technology