Virtual Forge- an Onapsis company

Virtual Forge, an Onapsis company, is a leading solution provider in the cybersecurity industry for SAP solutions.

Since 2006, Virtual Forge has worked closely with customers to provide the highest security, compliance and quality standards for their SAP systems. Virtual Forge has pioneered the field of SAP custom code scanning, launching its flagship solution CodeProfiler in 2009. In June 2019, Onapsis acquired Virtual Forge to deliver the cybersecurity industry’s first and only comprehensive business-critical application cybersecurity and compliance platform.

As an Onapsis company, Virtual Forge will continue to accelerate its mission to develop and deliver new technologies and disruptive methods that ensure SAP systems and applications are protected against cyberattacks, fraud and unnecessary downtime.

Onapsis protects the applications that run the global economy by delivering a next-generation business application platform providing actionable insight, change assurance, automated governance and continuous monitoring. Onapsis empowers organizations to modernize business-critical SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP systems, while keeping them protected and compliant.

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