Innovative løsninger for detaljhandel – SBN’s vår-arrangement 21. mai

Posted by Joakim Löves on 26/04/2019 14:30

Innovative Solutions for Retail at SAP Oslo - May, 21

Here in Norway we have an active SAP retail community, which prompted us in the SBN to set up a user group community with an event in the spring and to provide a track at our annual conference dedicated to the retail sector. As our retail community members tend to be well updated on new SAP developments in their area it is a bit of a challenge to find interesting themes and topics for our retail events.

We understand Retail companies survive and prosper by their ability to find new and innovative solutions in an extremely competitive sector and with this in mind, we have decided to dedicate this year’s spring event to innovation. This day will look at ways retailers are enhancing customer experience and gaining competitive advantage by the use of new technology, their data and their IT systems.

Key highlights are:

  • SAP Norway’s own retail expert, Tor Hårbrekke, will share what’s new and interesting in the retail area together with SAP’s latest roadmap. He will explain the SAP Retail Reference Architecture for digital transformation and his presentation will include practical examples, customer cases plus an early look at what SAP are working on in this area over the next year or so.
  • Market leaders in lighting, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) share unique ways lighting and software can create a competitive edge, trigger specific shopper behaviours and deliver location based offers through mobile technology. That is really what you can call Smart Retail
  • A presentation and workshop from Boris Andree, SAP on how AI, Machine Learning and Chatbots can help you build a new experience for your customers. The workshop will be hands-on and you will have the chance to build your first retail chatbot based on SAP conversational AI.
  • Local retail companies share their views on which innovative solutions will have the greatest impact over the next few years in the retail area.


Martin Brownsword,
+47 917 11 593

As with all our events we welcome feedback in the retail area on what you would like to see in our programmes and we also welcome all volunteers who are willing to share their experiences with the rest of our community. The event will be a great opportunity to network with your peers and for more information and to register for the event on May 21st at SAP Norway or remotely, please use the following link:

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