SBN Webinar: Climate - A new reporting requirement called "EU Taxonomy".

17/09 | Start: 09:00

Climate - A new reporting requirement called "EU Taxonomy".

September 17th, 09:00-10:00

Taxonomy in practice

Learn from and discuss with Equinor, SAP and Deloitte, hear them talk about and discussing the new reporting requirements from EU in this webinar.
Equinor has started a project to be able to meet the new requirements. Deloitte’s Sustainability professionals work with companies to evaluate and develop sustainable strategies that can help drive toward near-term and long-term results. The SAP solution portfolio is in the area of reporting, analytical content, best practices and embedded software capabilities across end-to-end processes.
Link to SAP Sustainability Summit 2021 on this link
Read more about SAPs Climate 21 initative on this link





Anne Randmæl Jones








Thor Øyvind Nilsen







SBN speaker



9:00  Welcome, Didrik Arstad and EM Fahrer SBN

9:05  Taxonomy in practice
Anne Randmæl Jones

Partner, Deloitte Norway

  • Introduction and the role and importance of the EU Taxonomy
  • How will the EU Taxonomy affect companies in Norway and what are the implications
  • Disclosure requirements and alignment with other climate related reporting guidelines
  • How can you access information and practical tools to learn more

Presented by Anne Randmæl Jones, Deloitte


9:20 A few words abot what we are doing at Equinor right now. 
Thor Øyvind Nilsen
Leader F&C Business Architecture & Processes at Equinor

  • What does Equinor to prepare to meet the EU Taxonomy requirements?
  • How have we organized the work?
  • How will we capture the data we need to report?
    Presented by Thor Øyvind Nilsen, Equinor


9:35 The reporting tools in SAP to meet the EU requirment. What does exist today? Plans for development. 

NN från SAP
xx, SAP

SAP is fascinated the possibilities they see for their customers to reduce the environmental impact by using their SAP IT system to support this intend. SAP started the Climate 21 initiative and other initiatives quite some time ago, so they are developing solutions and reports in this area. We will hear about status and plans for meeting reporting requirements as well as Carbon Accounting in general.
Presented by NN, SAP


9:45 Interaction: 

Use this interactivity-link
Enter this number:  64 16 16 6. Or, scan the QR code: 
The following topics will be "discussed":

  • What do you and your company do today in the area of sustainability?
  • What are the biggest barriers?
  • What can I and my company do in the future to reduce the climate impact?
  • Are there tools which can be used?

If you like -> Write your thoughts here (click on this link). Use the link during the meeting, if you have ideas ... (Opens in a new window)


9:55-10:00 The way forward.

You will get an e-mail survey 9:55, its also possible to use the survey for sharing ideas and comments. 


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The meeting is moderated by:

Didrik ArstadDidrik Arstad
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Eva-Maria FahrerEva-Maria Fahrer
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