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Posted by Didrik Arstad on 11/05/2022 16:50

Preparing for the Journey to S/4 and what comes after - watch out for the upcoming events in SBN and what you can learn from others in preparing and making the right decision for the migration to S/4 and what comes afterward.

Among our community we have members already on later versions of SAP S/4Hana, some are in the middle of a migration process, some are still on ECC, some are in the process of starting up and some have decided to move ahead at some time. We have noticed that many of you are seeking advice and like to know more about what to look out for, which are the pitfalls, how to prepare for the migration and how to move to S/4 or if you should take the giant leap to the Cloud.

In order for SBN to meet your quest for information and knowledge sharing, we have several events in the pipeline suited for the purpose and not only the S/4 Day on June 8, 2022.

For the S/4 Day we felt the need to consult with our members and therefore we have used the board of SBN with representatives from Norsk Hydro, Norgesgruppen and Arcus to help us decide on the most important topics for SBN and our community on the agenda for the S/4Hana Day.

First of all, the general thinking of the sounding board is that to move to S/4 and continue to work as before, gives no meaning. A technical migration or an hybrid approach is easier and cheaper than the alternative, a greenfield migration, but creates huge challenges afterwards with regard to reaping the full potential of the capabilities of S/4. One thing is the "shadow system from the past" that you bring with you in terms of, among other things, the hierarchy of master data, another is the difficulties with authorizations. In addition the introduction of a new user interface Fiori also creates problems and the use of Analytics is simply not straight forward with the "shadow system" in the background when it comes to getting to the right data. Thus, this will be an important backdrop for how we would like to compose our S/4 Day.

Secondly, not surprisingly, since Norsk Hydro is one of the few on S/4Hana version 2020, Norgesgruppen is in a deciding and preparation phase while Arcus is in the middle of a major merger and still on ECC, we have concluded that it would be of great value to the community to learn from the following types of cases, in which maturity and where the companies are on their transformation journey are the deciding criteria:

  1. The ones that are on the verge of starting a migration/transformationproject.
  2. The ones that are in the middle of a migration/transformationproject.
  3. The ones that have moved to S/4Hana and are looking to succeed in the benefits realisation and what are the next steps.

And the impertinent questions would be:

  1. What is the thinking/argument behind the choice of approach and final solution
    i. Why Green-, blue- or brownfield, shell migration or other and why not greenfield?
    ii. Onprem, private-, public cloud or other and why.
  2. What are the driving forces, business case and strategic initative
  3. How do they propose to get the most out of their investment
  4. How does the value assessment and the roadmap look like to get the full potential of S/4Hana and the corresponding strategic drivers.

In other words, please look out for the final agenda for the S/4 Day on June 8 => SBN S/4HANA Day We have some very interesting topics and speakers for you.

As mentioned we have also a number of other events with topics related to the journey to S/4 and the backdrop described above will be "a leading star" in further events in 2022:

First off is this event => SBN Webinar: Vurderinger og mulige fallgruver ved drift av SAP i skyen, on May 6, addressing possible pitfalls by moving to the Cloud as part of a migration journey.

The Finance Function Day => SBN Finance Day will have sessions on S/4Hana Finance and the Transformation of Finance including SAP Process Automation, BTP and S/4Hana as well as show cases on Finance Transformation
with the help of S/4.

The P2P Day => SBN Procure to Pay Day will include elements of Cloud-solutions and aspects and benefits of moving to the Cloud.

Just make sure to watch out for relevant events, face-2-face, hybrid, webinars or the user conference later on for relevant topics on the subject matter.

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