Vi deler noen bilder fra SBN Energy Day @AkerBP

Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 07/03/2024 13:08

More than 100 people joined in to share knowledge around solutions for the Energy Industry.

AkerBP made it possible to join in person which 60 people did.
We had a very useful exchange of knowledge and networking both Face2Face but also in workshop format with our remote participants. Link to the agenda See pictures

Et velkommen med Hveteboller og Kaffe 
Et flagg med Kreftforeningens Vipps-nummer 2277 i vart bolle 😊


Aker BPs journey

A sharing session of highlights, challenges and a short glance in the future and SAP notification Handler app,  Hilde Reve, Kristoffer Lanne and Kristian Førland Steinsland (talking)


Vår Energi Status

Status from the project Thoralf Andreassen with Peter Jacobsen


Equinors experience and plans for SAP APM

Asset Health and Asset Strategy, Tom Nåstad Svennevig and Rune Waage






Energy Sector Status Workshop

Lead by Steinar Hansen, joined by Jorunn J Dalene, Azim Fiaz and Trond Jansen and remote: Njål Omland and Asbjørn Winnje

Njål Omland remote

Asbjørn Winnje remote


Questions and Discussions

Questions and Discussions

Questions and Discussions

Questions and Discussions

Workshop team supplemented by AkerBP and Vår Energi


SAP Capital Project Engineering Management (CaPEM) 

Consolidating the engineering definition from multiple sources including BIM Design Tools, Simulation Tools and GIS, with Lars Fossum


Supply Chain UI on top of S/4HANA or ECC

Wide-reaching automation, greater speed and full transparency across business processes are standard with xSuite, with Bo Bærentsen


SAP Shutdown Turnaround and Outages for Energy and Natural Resources Industries

End-to-end STO processes, scope management, non-integrated planning, long lead items tracking, safety, scheduling, effective real-time reporting, control of costs, risks, procurement challenges, and user-friendliness, with Hisham Gouda in Dubai


Discussion on Status Field Logistics 

Lorenz Oberholzer and remote Diana Temirbulatova and Nedyalka Tzarevska


Picture from prep 7:30 in the morning

Joakim Löves, preparing remote participants, streaming and recording of the day.

PDFs of presentations, Recordings and Survey results and comments will be published as well.


EM FahrerIt was fantastic to see you all and the day was more than awesome!

I will get back with link to PDFs of presentations, Recordings and Survey results and comments when they are ready.
See you Eva-Maria
Link to blog, creation of the event


SBN Energy Day @AkerBP

2024-03-06 09:00

F2F in Stavanger & Remote

Everything related to the digital field worker. Everything related to, best possible processes, intelligence and predictiveness. We will get status on SAPs Field Logistics - integrations like Transport Management. We will have a discussion or panel on status S/4HANA implementations in the industry. 

SBN Webinar: AI (incl. GenAI) in SAP PLM

2024-03-15 10:30

Webinar by SBN & SAP

By introducing GenAI into PLM processes, it will provide capabilities that extend beyond product data management to predictive insights, intelligent automation, and enhanced decision-making processes. SAP PLM will leverage SAP Joule as the copilot. It will offer conversational interactions and enable navigational, transactional and informational scenarios across the end-to-end processes provided by SAP PLM.

SBN Merkantil/Commercial Forum @NorgesGruppen

2024-04-10 09:00

F2F in Oslo

During this day we SBN customers are sharing experiences between themselves on the topic commercial terms for the future.

SBN Webinar: S/4HANA Lean Services in Procurement

2024-04-11 11:30

Webinar by SBN & SAP

Introduction to S/4HANA Lean Services in Procurement  intended to give Business , Solution and Technical Architects insights into Lean Services

SBN Webinar: Enhancing SAP EWM with Intelligent Mobility

2024-04-12 09:00

Webinar by SBN & S5 Consulting

This webinar will outline the SAP standard options that are available, as well as looking at a ready-to-deploy mobile solution with enhanced functionality that is designed to optimise SAP EWM.

SBN S/4HANA Project- and Implementation Day @Akselera

2024-04-17 09:00

F2F in Oslo & Remote

Focus is on the Project. Topics like SAP Activate, Methodologies, Solution Manager, Cloud ALM etc etc and knowledge exchange.

SBN Bedriftsbesøk Modino (SAP S/4HANA, EWM og integrasjon til Autostore)

2024-04-18 09:00

F2F in Oslo

Modino er Norges største distributør av mobiltelefoner og tilbehør. Vi vil få noe av bakgrunnen for prosjektet og hvordan det ble implementert. Vi får se alle prosesser LIVE: Inngående, utgående og retur håndtering.

SBN Webinar: AI as an enabler for TM

2024-04-19 09:00

Webinar by SBN & SAP

AI as an enabler for effective transportation planning and other TM relevant tasks

SBN Webinar: Sustainability and PLM

2024-08-30 10:30

Webinar by SBN & SAP

Sustainability in SAP PLM is a transformative approach, integrating eco-conscious practices into the product lifecycle. It streamlines eco-design, aiding in the selection of sustainable materials and optimizing energy-efficient designs. SAP PLM also aids in regulatory compliance, ensuring alignment with evolving environmental standards. Ultimately, it empowers businesses to create and manage products that minimize their ecological footprint.

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