SBN Analytics Function Day

15/06 | Start: 09:00

SBN Analytics Function Day

June 15th, 09:00-15:30

Monthly Reports, Ad-Hoc Reports and Deviation Reports have always been part of the delivery of the Finance Function. In addition, there are other parts of the organization which need data for different purposes, like KPI's or Budgetreports.
Previously, it was often very cumbersome or nearly impossible to extract and put together data in an easy way, often with huge and comprehensive data warehouse solutions and  the use of technical and software experts or the IT-department and usually it took a lot of time to meet the requirements of the business as a whole.
Today, we see the makings of a whole new world, where Finance and Analytics are merging through Embedded Analytics and a whole new set of ways to access the data for the business user through the technology (Fiori and Dashboards) .
New frontends like SAC or Analysis for Office directly accessing the tabels in SAP like the ACDOCA opens up completely new possibilities and perspectives.
We learn about the new role of the CFO of the Finance Function to become a value architech and business partner to provide data for the whole organization with the aim to give relevant and real-time data for decision purposes to many subscribers or receivers.
We learn that the time for 100-page PowerPoint analog monthly reports might be a thing of the past and potentially being replaced by Self Service Reporting, where the users themselves can pull data or in others ways make sure to get all they need to manage their responsibilities in a role-based dashboard.
This is what we have in our minds when we are planning the content of this day. We still have some interesting cases and solutions on BW or BW/4Hana as part of the play book, but increasingly the foucs is on Analytics from SAP, like SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (SDWC), Embedded Analytics, Augmented Analytics and Planning in SAC.
We are on a roller coaster of change especially in Analytics and to keep up with the pace of change and adapt quickly to changes in technology and the business environment, we recommend you to join in and listen to experience from other companies also using the SAP solutions.
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