SBN Analytics Function Day

15/06 | Start: 08:30

SBN Analytics Function Day

June 15th, 08:30-15:30

Knowledge exchange on the SAP Analytic Cloud and other Analytic tools. New functionality is sugmented and predictive analytics features - How do they work and for what can they be used will be explained. The possibility is to put AI-powered analytics and augmented analytics capabilities in the hands of every business user with no data science training required will change the daily life in the companies using these tools. / Erfaringer av bruk og smarte ting i SAP Analytics Cloud og andre Analyst verktøy i SAP og litt hvordan komme i gang.

Join this day to learn more and share experience in the area of about the SAP Analytic Cloud. Register now!

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Contact Didrik if you have suggestions for the agenda, questions or comments.

Didrik ArstadDidrik Arstad
Head of Innovation Team Finance
SBN - SAP Brukerforening i Norge
+47 90562921
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Tags: finance, analytics

Number of participants: 8

  • Thor Øyvind Nilsen (SBN Kasserer)
  • Rajeswari Misra
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Balaji Yadav Keelukoppu
  • Didrik Arstad
  • Nikolai Sandved
  • Holger Lämmel
    Norsk Hydro AS
  • Catherine Adams
    Sopra Steria