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Posted by Eva-Maria Fahrer on 08/06/2021 09:43

The first major innovation milestone for SAP Business Network, a unified trading partner portal delivering new collaboration scenarios and enabling greater responsiveness, is now available.

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See YouTube video below and short description extract.

Very short SAP writes: The unified experience provides trading partners with a holistic view into all their customer relationships and transactions on the network. On its home page, the all new workbench enables users to customize their experience and maximize their responsiveness to customer needs. Key capabilities of the new SAP Business Network trading partner experience available now include:

Centralized access to explore and collaborate with customers
Intelligent trading partner onboarding and registration and new collaboration scenarios
Highly configurable workbench enabling user-based personalization by role
In addition to the new trading partner experience, buyers and trading partners can collaborate using shared data and workflows, applying network-wide intelligence to inform decisions. New services are also being made available to trading partners, such as working capital financing. Additional capabilities planned for availability later this year include:

Real-time global track and trace integrated to the purchase order application, enhancing supply chain visibility
New working capital solution for trading partners with SAP Supplier Financing, providing access to a network of lenders to help improve cash flow
Insights and benchmarking to compare performance with industry peers, improving customer service

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Eva-Maria Fahrer

This is news is more important than it seems in the first moment. Todays on premise local installed ERP process supporting solutions will be replaced by new soltutions which are cloudbased and connected. 

The future internal company systems will probably be much thinner. Larger parts of the functionality your company needs will be part of a business network. There will probably be  specialised networks which also bring the functionality needed for the specialised task. 

I also expect vendors will have to be certfied, in respect to as example sustainability as well as other future govermental regulation based criterias  . Every vendor will probably have to fullfill many criterias to be certfied. There will probably also be  different certfications in specialied areas to make the world even more complicated.

See below for upcoming SBN events which all are related to SAP Business Networks /Posted by EM Fahrer

SBN Supply Chain Management Day

2021-06-08 08:30

Virtual event by SBN

The focus on efficient supply chain processes is constantly increasing. In connection with the transition to S4 / HANA, many companies are considering Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and Transportation Management (TM). As we know that the interest in learning more is growing, we at SBN have chosen to set aside a whole day for this topic: June 8 - Supply Chain Management Day. Based on input from members, SBN partners and SAP, we have put together an agenda that should be exciting for you who work with streamlining Supply Chain processes.

SBN travel and expense process with Concur Day

2021-06-09 08:30

Virtual event by SBN

Focus on on travel, expense and invoice compliance.  Listen to experience from others and learn how to manage compliance and cost savings across your travel, expenses and invoices.

SBN Webinar: All RISE with SAP: What’s really included?

2021-06-18 10:30

Webinar by SBN & AWS

Session includes how to develop a business case for SAP S/4, components included in RISE with SAP and when you should consider it. Insights to the “Key Steps” in the SAP Migration and Modernization Journey, and how you can secure better business value from your SAP investment…

SBN Webinar: Update SAP PLM Portfolio and Project Management

2021-09-24 10:30

Webinar by SBN & SAP

Roadmap and Update on SAP PLM Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM). 
Develop new products and services with SAPs portfolio and Project Management Software where you manage the full project lifecycle and integrate financial and logistic information seamlessly.

SBN Asset Management Day

2021-05-25 08:30

Virtual event by SBN

Asset Maintenance and Facility Operations has become part of connected supply chains and includes “intelligence” and with automated processes. 

SBN Webinar: SAP Integration Suite: shape your organization’s future strategy for integration.

2021-05-28 09:00

Webinar by SBN & S5

Integration Suite is SAP’s strategic direction for future SAP integration landscapes, even though many companies are currently using SAP's Process Integration\Process Orchestration and solutions from other vendors. Join this webinar to learn about the advantages Integration Suite can give to your organization and which steps you can take in order to prepare your current Integration landscape for the future.

SBN SAP Conference 2021

2021-10-19 08:40

Virtual Conference by SBN

6 days in October of Virtual Learning and Knowledge Sharing. Customer Cases, Expert Sessions and Keynotes.

F2F SBN Conference Business Networking @Deloitte

2021-11-15 13:30

F2F in Oslo by SBN

Join us Face2Face in the top-floor of Deloitte with a fantastic view of Oslo including the Munch museum. This day will be run in line with the the Norwegian community regulations in respect of the pandemic.

SBN Webinar: Enabling the connected customer journey with KPS and SAP CX Platform

2021-06-02 10:00

Webinar by SBN & KPS

KPS will explain how they are helping their clients towards a connected customer journey with the help of the SAP CX platform. Real life examples from one of UK's leading, luxury retailers.

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